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Koke Goes to Oklahoma:

Koke, my dog and friend, loved to travel with me. She kept track of where we were. She knew all of our resting places. I guess you wonder how I know that. As we traveled, just before we would get to our usual resting place, Koke would stand up, put her nose against my cheek and whine her soft whine that she always used when she wanted me to know something. “Koke Goes to Oklahoma” is a book about Koke’s adventures through Oklahoma. Come with us, be a part of our make believe dreams and thoughts and learn some true facts about the state of Oklahoma and its people. Listen to what Koke has to say about her journey through Oklahoma!


Like a Panther in the Night:

It was a warm, sunny morning in June.  The thick foliage of the forest cast many shadows on the dew covered grass growing beside the narrow trail.  It reminded Penny of the early spring mornings when she and her mother took long walks through the fields picking bouquets of wild flowers.  Their little cabin was always cleaned and shining and filled with fresh flowers before Julia went away.  Penny remembered the loving relationship she had with her mother and a wave of loneliness washed through her.  She longed for her now.  At the same time she needed her mother's love so badly, she hated herself for that need.

Being so deeply enthralled in thought, Penny had been unaware of the tears streaming down her cheeks until she heard a voice coming from outside the bars.

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