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Dec 8, 2018

Updated Dec 10, 2018

It seems like a lifetime ago.  I guess, really, it has been.  I got hooked!  Maybe it was because, things were pretty tough back then.  I needed a release.  An emotional release; I guess.  I had 3 kids and it seemed as though most of the necessities of life were in short supply at our house.  I knew if we were ever going to have heat in the winter, air in the summer and a car that didn't have holes in the floorboard big enough for the kids to pick up  rocks from; I was going to have to do something.  I didn't know how we would make it because it was going to take a miracle.  But, I had seen miracles before.  As a matter of fact, several times!  So, I started checking into a way to get started to college.  I could hardly believe it when those people actually let me start.  They even had papers that I could fill out and get money to go to college.  I was scared, to say the least.  But, we started on that path; a winding path that took us from pulling five gallon buckets of water from the pond; up the hill to the house in order to flush the toilets.  It was a good thing we had one of those little red wagons.

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